Youth Gardens Educator’s Training

Come join us this January for the Spring Youth Gardens Educator’s training class. This program is designed for teachers, educators, and volunteers in support of Youth Gardening in the classroom and community.

Approximately 25 volunteers are needed to help with plant sorting, presentation assisting, and assist the educators attending.  The following are job descriptions of the positions available. If interested in volunteering, email Ruby Zavala.

  • Hospitality Crew: This position requires one person to pick up breakfast and coffee that will be ordered in advance. Other hospitality crew members will be in charge of making sure the food and drinks are set out on the tables and are available to the educators. When lunch is delivered, hospitality crew will help layout the food and drinks, and help organize the educators to the lunch area.
  • Time Keepers and Presentation Assistants:  Six volunteers are needed to stay in each room (2 per room) and notify the presenter of a 10 min, 5 min, and 0 min mark to help keep on schedule.  Please bring a watch and a schedule will be provided for you. The presentation assistant will distribute any papers or activity supplies for the presenter.
  • Plant Organizers:  Approximately 12 people are needed to assist outside with unloading of truck with plants for educators. Then organize the plants for each school. It is estimated that 60 schools will attend and each school will receive a flat containing a variety of plants (spinach, broccoli, herbs, peppers, and flowers). Watering may be needed to each flat and a pack of seeds goes to each one.  At 3pm, the educators will need assistance to put the plants in their vehicles.  A volunteer is needed to help organize who has picked up their plants and collect their plant tickets.
  • Registration:  Approximately 3-5 volunteers are needed to help the educators get signed in from 8:30 to 9 am. From 2:45 to 3 pm the educators will then need to pick up their certificates. Volunteers will need to sort out the certificates for the educators.
  • Set Up and Clean Up:  Saturday morning about 8am, room set up will begin; banners and signage hung; plants placed throughout the rooms.  After the teachers have left, supplies will need to be taken down and loaded into the trucks.