BCMG Plant Sale @ 2016 Rodeo

Read All About It!   2016 Rodeo Plants for Sale

BCMGs have the newest Purple Heart Bluebonnets for sale, along with the newest Texas Superstar Whopper Begonias, the newest Texas Superstar Satsuma Mandarin oranges: Orange Frost, Arctic Frost & Bumper.  Read all about them in the following articles:

http://plantanswers.com/98promotions/julyoct/julyoct.html  General information about bluebonnets and growing them.

http://texassuperstar.com/plants/whopperbegonias/index.html  Information and images on “Whopper’ begonia.

http://texassuperstar.com/plants/satsuma_orange-frost/index.html  Information and images on this newest Texas Superstar Satsuma selection-Orange Frost.

http://texassuperstar.com/plants/satsuma_arctic_frost/index.html  Information and images on this newest Texas Superstar Satsuma selection-Arctic Frost.

http://plantanswers.com/heroes/YingDoonMoy.html  “Bumper” Satsuma is another selection bred by Dr. Moy.  It has a prolific amount of high quality nice sized fruit that cluster like grapes.  This is very unusual for most fruit crops and can be considered quite rare.  Possibly a future Texas Superstar selection.