MGs’ Week Before Christmas

Christmas background

A few weeks before Christmas and all through the town,

Master Gardeners were digging holes in the ground.

The flowers and vegetables had been selected with care,

Knowing that drought conditions might again be there.

Mike and Ed’s roses were growing in their beds.

While Marybeth’s broccoli raised up their green heads.

Robbie got us new shirts, jackets and a cap,

Tired of making rain barrels, Lou took a nap.


Angel was on the computer making such a clatter,

While Carol was saying, receipts really do matter.

Kimber and Ann were writing the newsletter,

While Jack planned how to make our group better.

Ann Marie sent the e-Blast while Pete was volunteering all over the town,

Carl recorded wildflower sightings, writing it all down.

Twyla was helping the poinsettia sale information

As Karen was booking a Speakers Bureau presentation.

A question on Facebook, Lisa or Shawn answered in a flash,

And off to a speaking engagement, John did dash.

The moon on the crest of the new fallen snow,

Reminded Anna of water conservation places to go.

Tom Harris helped with what people should hear

Then Candy and Brian were there to volunteer.

With Mary and Richard, so lively and merry,

Sharing what they had learned from wise old Dr. Jerry.

More rapid than eagles, the volunteers they came

And she smiled and thanked them and called them by name

Oh Jennifer and Laura, Michael and Lorene,

Hi Jane and Diane, Nancy and Marlene,

Welcome Wendy and Shirley, Joyce and Pat,

Hi Susan and Liz, Donna and Matt.

Eugenia, Sherri, Sharon and Rob,

Love the way you always do your job.

Thanks Betty and Lyn, Helen and Terri,

Olivia, Linda, Susan, and Mary.

On to the garden, the event or the hall,

Dash away, dash away, go volunteer all!

Master Gardener volunteers are all over the city,

Brigid, Nancy and Sandy, helping to make lawns so pretty.

Agnes, Kit and Linda’s volunteering we mention

Billy and Corrina attended the International Convention.

Jamie, Judie and Ann answer the Hotline phone,

As Liz and Nick explain how plants are grown.

And then in a twinkling, there came such a sound

Rodeo volunteers were coming, mulch was in a mound.

John was the new leader of the Buckaroo tent.

Lots of volunteer workers, many hours well spent,

Manny had his shovel, Jack had his hoe.

Andrew was busy raking, being helped by Joe.

Bettina carried lumber, Ron did the lights,

Dale had the tools, Chris measured the sight.

Vince made a display on drip irrigation,

While Maria provided guests with good information.

Donna was painting, Ted had a watering can,

Barbara planned landscaping, she was helped by Jan.

Lori counted money, Ruth tended the plants,

Wayne weaved through traffic, Sharon checked for ants.

Ruby made the youth area look so great

Susan and Joyce helped with the meals, oh how we ate!

Then off to the garden our David headed real quick,

Showing Carlos the vegetables growing so thick.

Sandra and Mary teaching kids what to plant and grow,

Nora and Lynn writing their blog so people would know.

Nancy and Roger helping the kids care for their beds,

While Carol gave JMG lessons to fill their little heads.


Then from the Children’s Garden, to his team gave a whistle,

And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.

And I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight,

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Our BCMG Poem Tradition written by Past President Barbara Lutz
and presented at the Annual Christmas & Member Recognition Party
on Monday, December 5, 2106
bells(with special thanks to Clement Clarke Moore for inspiration!)