RODEO 2017 Clean-Up

Rodeo Tear Down: Feb 27 – Feb 28
Rodeo was Feb 9 – Feb 26
Rodeo Construction was Jan 23 – Feb 8 

RODEO TEAR DOWN will take place Monday & Tuesday, February 27 & 28. Volunteers are needed to help dismantle the displays and palletize the lumber & display items for use next year. MGs who help out in the morning are welcome to take home free mulch in the afternoons. Bring any wheelbarrows, carts, shovels, etc. We need folks with pick-ups to haul some plants to the compost pile at the Botanical Garden, too. 

We will start at 8am (or when you can get there) and finish around 2pm. Come to the East Houston entrance at the West Gate/Gate A before the railroad tracks. Tell the guard gate you are here with Master Gardeners. Take the first right and park close the backside of the middle tent (Little Buckaroos on the Farm).

Contact President Jack Downey or David Rodriguez for more information.

HUGE THANKS to Everyone who made the 2017  RODEO a Great BCMG Event!