Scion – January 2019

Volume 29, Issue 1 – January 2019

Happy New Year to everyone!!

The year is over and our accomplishments have been great. We have recertified 213 Master Gardeners, 33 Honorary Master Gardeners (13 record hours) and 21 Interns. This is a wonderful accomplishment for the Bexar County Master Gardeners. Total miles, CEUs and  hours for the year are: 93,219 miles, 2999 CEUs and 17,595.75 hours.

We again held our annual holiday Poinsettia sale, one of the main events supporting scholarships. We had beautiful plants and enthusiastic workers, but sales were very disappointing, well below last year. Next year, we need to tell our friends, churches and work places, emphasizing that this fundraiser supports our college scholarships. We cannot do it without everyone’s help!

Moving into 2019, the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo dates are February 8-24. This event is the largest effort for Master Gardeners in the State of Texas and we need everyone to do some shifts.  It is a group effort.  Without your help we cannot succeed.

Thanks for your support and for all your long hours of volunteering for the education of the Bexar County residents.

Grace Emery
President, Bexar County Master Gardeners

Little Buckaroo Farms

Rodeo Kick-off 
for  all 
Bexar County Master Gardeners!

Thursday, January 17

6:00 – 6:40 pm Chili Dinner
6:40 -7:00 pm  David Rodriguez – Rodeo Plant Sale
7:00 – 7:30 pm Rodeo Guest Speaker – History of Rodeo
7:30 – 8:00 pm Rodeo Chairs

1 CEU, Code 002

Bring your favorite chili or cornbread and your notarized release form.
Mike will be available at 5:30 pm to notarize forms.

Release Form





All Were Recognized at the December Christmas Party





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A new year, new goals — time to polish and expand your gardening knowledge!

TEXAS MASTER GARDENER ADVANCED (formerly Specialist)  COURSES offered are listed at the TMGA website.  If you are interested in attending any courses, please email David Rodriguez, Extension Agent-Horticulture, Bexar County. BCMG CEU Code: 001. 
Home Fruit (South Texas) – Feb. 7-8, 2019, hosted by Gonzales County, Gonzales
Vegetables – Feb. 13-15, 2019, hosted by Dallas County, Dallas
Tree Care – Mar. 13-15, 2019, hosted by Dallas County, Dallas

How to Make your Home and Yard FirewiseWednesday, Jan. 2, 10am, presented by MG Jamie Daily at the San Antonio Garden Center. 1 CEU, Code 001.

2019 Brown Bag Lunch & Learn  — FREE Series!   #1:  January 11, 2019, Friday, 12:00noon – 1:00pm, “Understanding Your Soil,” presented by Bill Swantner, MG, at the Bexar County Ext. Office, 3355 Cherry Ridge, Ste. 208. (Flyer follows with details and full schedule.) 1 CEU, Code 001.

January 12, 2019 (Saturday) @ 10:30am – 12noon, “Growing a Family Home Orchard,”Milberger’s Landscaping & Nursery (3920 North Loop 1604 E, 78247), David Rodriguez, Free. 1.5 CEUs, Code 001. More info.

January 19, (Saturday), 9am – Noon, Rainwater Harvesting Workshop, Bexar County Ext. Office, 3355 Cherry Ridge, Ste. 208. Free. 3 CEUs, Code 001. More info.

January 19, (Saturday), 9am – Noon, Fruit Tree Basics, Fanick’s Garden Center, 1025 Holmgreen Road, Dr. Larry Stein and David Rodriguez,
Free. 3 CEUs, Code 001.

For more information on upcoming classes, see the BCMG website



Trained Culinary Docent Volunteers needed: 10am – 1pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from January through the end of March. Sign up in VMS.

Not Trained??? Watch for more training opportunities in the Leaflets.

Introducing the Maroon “Aggie” Poppy!!!!

This seedling selection was made and isolated by Greg Grant in his garden from a batch of double red poppies originally collected from a garden near Johnson City.  Poppies are cool season annuals that are planted in full sun on bare prepared soil, from seed in the fall or transplants in the winter.   They bloom in the spring before setting seed and die with the heat. 

Poppies will be available for purchase at the January 17, Rodeo Kick-off meeting and at the Rodeo. 4 1/2-inch pots. $3 each or 4 for $10.

Greg’s Instructions:
  • Give each plant a minimum of one square foot to grow.
  • Fertilize once in the spring depending on how the plants look before they bolt and bloom.
  • Don’t over-fertilize or they’ll collapse and fall over.
  • PULL UP any singles, reds, or anything not fully double and maroon, leaving only the double maroons for seed parents.

“’Don’t want any strangers sleeping with my babies…” -GG

Rob DeRocher photographed these critters late this fall in Elmendorf. The fuzzy asps have a nasty sting– watch for them on branches and objects on which they can hide. The Tussock Moth was spotted at greenhouses in the area. Thanks to Molly Keck, our AgriLife IPM Specialist, for identifying them.

The BCMG Christmas Party brought us together for Fun, Food, Fellowship, and our annual Awards

Photo credits: Bugs – Rob DeRocher; Christmas Party – Lou Kellogg; Food – Regina Maspero