Scion -August 2020

Volume 30, Issue #8 – August 2020

Lynn Cox,
BCMG President

Hot, hot, hot… welcome to August in Bexar County! I visit my garden in the cooler parts of the day, early morning and after the sun drops low. I’m glad I fertilized and mulched my beds with compost this spring. It has really helped the plants cope with this heat.

What I have noticed is that while some plants have taken a beating from the heat, others are looking fantastic. It’s no surprise that many of the outstanding plants are Texas Superstars®! The Pride-of-Barbados, esparanza, thyrallis and firebush are in full color; as are the Blue Angel althea and Dakota Gold helenium. I’ve just cut back the Henry Duelberg and Mystic Spires Blue salvias to get them ready to bloom again in the fall. And the Lindheimer’s muhly grass and Mexican bush sage are looking great.

As I walk through the garden, I’m taking notes, because if anything does not survive this heat, those spots will probably hold Texas Superstars next year!

Stay cool!

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August Brings More Heat and Water Restrictions

I hope everyone is staying healthy, busy, and cool.  As we move into the 8th month of this year, our temperatures continue to rise and rain still hasn’t come.  As you should be aware, we are under Stage 1 Water Restrictions. Specifically, you may water only once a week before 11:00 am, or after 7:00 pm on your designated watering day and not overnight. There are some exceptions for hand watering and drip irrigation systems, but its important for all of us to help conserve water while the aquifer is below normal levels.  Remember that watering in the morning is best to reduce potential fungal diseases on your plants. See the SAWS conservation website for the details.

Reducing the frequency the irrigation system runs is not the only way we can help to conserve our precious resource of water. How we prepare our planting beds and select our plants can reduce a landscape’s overall need for water. Amending the soil with compost and topping off garden beds with mulch also really helps to conserve water in the home landscape. There are numerous publications on conservation methods and proper practices in the BCMG digital gardening library, which can be found on the website at: .

This site holds links to numerous trusted resources on gardening, landscaping, best practices  and other horticultural topics.  A great place to start is with the Earth-Kind Principles and this publication below from Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service:

There are seven Earth-Kind Principles that are outlined and explained in the linked publication. Following these guidelines will help all of us to be better gardeners and responsible stewards of our Earth.

I hope you all have a great August.

Conservationally yours,

by Anna Vogler, BCMG Water Conservation Coordinator

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This article was first printed in the July-August 2020 issue of Texas Gardener Magazine and was authored by Bexar County Master Gardeners.


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Member’s Corner

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Congratulations to the Bexar County Master Gardeners who earned their 2020 certification in July.

  • Leslie Butterworth
  • Marsha Krassner
  • Mike Lyle
  • Michael Mangiapane
  • Matt Matthews
  • LaVunn Mims
  • Anne Moss
  • Ann Vargas
  • Anna Volger
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