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Frosts, Freezes, and Hard Freezes

by Bill Swantner, Bexar County Master Gardener

Last month, the nighttime temperature was officially registered at 28oF (my south Texas thermometer doesn’t go below 50o). When the temperature gets this cold, the weather forecasters spoke of the “Three P’s”: plants, pets, and ...

Climate Change & Plant Hardiness Zones

By Agnes Palys-McLean

Most of us are familiar with plant hardiness zones that appear in many plant and seed catalogs.  They serve as a guide to help determine which plants and trees are best suited for our growing area and which are likely to die due to the cold.

By Janice Tapp, Bexar County Master Gardener

Runners, walkers, and cyclists often begin their exercise workouts at the Voelcker Trailhead near the Phil Hardberger Park. Yet, many are unaware that there is a special section called the Children’s Vegetable Garden adjacent to the old white house ...

Why Gardening With Children Matters! 

Judith L. Warren, Vice President, Bexar County Master Gardeners

Remember early gardening experiences. Do you have memories of your parents, grandparents or neighbors having a vegetable garden? Often, gardening is inspired by early pleasant memories of picking vegetables from the garden, or picking berries or app...

Light and the Landscape

My family’s Christmas gathering this year was the San Antonio Botanical Garden’s, “Lightscape”. It was an exceptional combination of lights and music. There were lights on the ground, in the air, circling trees and plants. I even saw, “smoke on the water” (1972 rock song reference). As I wandered the gardens, seeing these beautiful lights, I remembered the Chri...

In Praise of the Asparagus Knife for Weeding

With the cooler temperatures and ample rain so far this summer, weeds have become an issue in my garden, and perhaps in yours. My push-pull hoe is good but has two drawbacks. One is a rather wide swath that endangers nearby plants you want to save. The other is that it cuts off the weed tops but leaves deeper roots that later resprout.