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Plants and Plant Lists

  • Blue Angel™ Althea – Texas Superstar plant care sheet. By David Rodriguez, Bexar County AgriLife Extension Agent – Horticulture.
  • Earth-Kind®  Plant Selector – Aggie Horticulture website.  Search for plants by specific characteristics or view all plants for your region
  • Earth-Kind Roses – AgriLife Extension Service website for recommended roses.
  • Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Research Center – Searchable native plant list
  • Plant Selection – Aggie Horticulture website. Earth-Kind® publication
  • Poisonous Plants Resources – Aggie Horticulture website. Earth-Kind® Landscaping publication. A collection of links to information on poisonous landscape plants
  • Recommended Plants for Bexar County – Bexar County AgriLife Extension website. List of recommended plants grouped by characteristic (deer-resistant, attracting butterflies, vegetable varieties, shade plants, patio citrus. etc.)
  • Texas Superstar® Plants – Texas Superstar® website. Plants that have been field tested by Texas A&M Extension and Research Services
  • Texas Tough Top 50 – by Steven L. Chamblee, Horticulturist, Chandor Gardens, Weatherford, TX.


  • Crepe Myrtle Bark Scale: A New Exotic Pest – AgriLIfe Extension publication
  • Following Proper Pruning TechniquesAggie Horticulture website. Earth-Kind® Landscaping publication on a variety of pruning techniques
  • Native Trees of Texas – Aggie Horticulture website. A searchable database for native trees of Texas
  • Oak Leaf Blister – Aggie Horticulture website. A Plant Clinic publication
  • Planting a Tree – Aggie Horticulture website. Earth-Kind® Landscaping publication
  • Preventing Oak Wilt – Bexar County AgriLife Extension website
  • Pruning Deciduous Shade Trees – The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension publication
  • Pruning with a Purpose – Texas A&M AgriLife Extension publication. Daphne Richards, County Extension Horticulturist – Travis County
  • Texas Oak Wilt – The Oak Wilt Information Partnership is a collaborative project between the Texas A&M Forest Service, the Forest Health Protection branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service and the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
  • Tree Planting Guide – Texas A&M Forestry Service. Searchable website to help homeowners select, site, plant and care for their trees
  • Trees for the San Antonio Region – CPS Energy publication. A Guide to the Selection, Planting and Care of Trees in the Greater San Antonio Region
  • Trees of Texas – A Texas A&M Forest Service website. A great website to help you identify your trees. Good teacher resources. 

Additional Topics

  • Building a Raised Bed Garden – Aggie Horticulture website. Earth-Kind® Landscaping publication
  • Care of Poinsettias in San Antonio – David Rodriguez, AgriLife Extension County Extension Agent-Horticulture, Bexar County
  • Container Gardening – by John W. Jett, West Virginia University Extension Service
  • Hydroponics as a Hobby – Aggie Horticulture website
  • Old Roses – Aggie Horticulture website. Earth-Kind® Landscaping guide to planting and growing old roses
  • Plant Picture Pages – A website of the Texas A&M Horticulture Science Department with pictures of a wide variety of plants by common type, from cacti to crepe myrtles. Good resource in identifying plants. 
  • Plants of Texas Rangelands – Texas A&M AgriLife Extension website to help identify common trees, shrubs, and flowers of Texas rangelands. 
  • Raised Bed Construction – Aggie Horticulture website. Earth-Kind® publication
  • Water Gardening in Texas – Aggie Horticulture website. Earth-Kind® Landscaping guide to building and maintaining a water garden