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Rodeo Tomatoes

Each year a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service team led by horticulturist David Rodriguez and Larry Stein Ph.D., assisted by the Bexar County Master Gardeners and Dr. Jerry Parsons, tests a number of varieties of tomatoes. From this trial the team selects one to be designated as that year’s San Antonio Rodeo Tomato.

History of Rodeo Tomatoes – List of Rodeo Tomatoes and more

Ruby Crush
2021 San Antonio Rodeo Tomato!

2021 Rodeo Tomato – Ruby Crush
(Photo: AgriLife Extension Service)

Ruby Crush is a determinate grape tomato grown on a strong, compact plant. It has excellent disease resistance. Fruits mature quickly in about 60-70 days after transplanting into the garden. The fruits resist cracking.

Ruby Crush – Tomato Growing Information Sheet

Other Recommended Varieties

Recommended large-fruited tomato varieties include:

Recommended small/cherry-type tomato varieties include:

  • Ruby Crush – SA Rodeo Tomato
  • BHN 968 (semi-determinate) – SA Rodeo Tomato and Texas Superstar®
  • Juliet (indeterminate)

All the above are “determinate” varieties, except where indicated. Tomato varieties are either indeterminate or determinate. An indeterminate tomato plant grows until killed by frost or disease. Heirloom and most cherry tomatoes are indeterminate. A determinate tomato plant grows quickly to a full-size plant and then concentrates on producing and maturing fruit. A “semi-determinate” tomato is somewhere between determinate and indeterminate tomato varieties. Generally, these plants are taller than the bush habit of the determinate varieties and yet not as sprawling as the indeterminate varieties. In general, we recommend mostly determinate varieties, because the spring planting of determinate tomatoes will produce as much fruit as possible before the summer heat starts, and the fall planting will get lots of production before cold weather sets in.