BCMG Teams

BCMG Teams & Committees

A team is for projects/programs that run all year long.
A committee is for one-time events.
Members can access the phone and email addresses for all leads in the VMS General Roster.

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Ask a Master Gardener Team

Co-Leads: Butch Lee & Linda Milikien

Team provides horticulture information, resources, and responds to questions related to horticulture/gardening at public events. Teams also increase the knowledge and awareness of the public of the BCMG and AgriLife Extension mission to provide unbiased, research-based, locally-relevant gardening education to the community.

Sub Team – Green Thumb Team

Lead: Linda Milikien

The Green Thumb Team focuses on general public events.

Sub Team – Red White, and Blue Team

Lead: Butch Lee

The Red, White, and Blue Team focuses on the Military community of active duty, veterans, and dependents. These events are often held on military bases.

Awards Committee

Lead: Judy Warren

The mission of the BCMG Awards Committee is to annually identify and describe the outstanding BCMG people, projects, programs, research and association to submit by the specified deadline to the Texas Master Gardener Association Search for Excellence Awards Program.

Cashier Team

Lead: Maria Salvatierra

[Description coming soon!]

Communication Team (CommTeam)

Lead: Ann Marie Pease

The Communication Team coordinates both the internal communication (within the membership) as well as the external communication (to the community).

Sub Team – Encyclopedia Team


[Description coming soon!]

Sub Team – Facebook Team

Lead: Jodi Perez

[Description coming soon!]

Sub Team – Leaflet Team

Lead: Nora Fellows

[Description coming soon!]

Sub Team – Publicity Team

Co-Leads: Brigid Oman & Kimberly Casillas

[Description coming soon!]

Sub Team – Scion Team

Editor: Michelle Hobbs
Articles Manager: Marsha Krassner

The Scion newsletter is a monthly publication that provides relevant and timely gardening information and gardening educational opportunities for Bexar County Master Gardeners (BCMG) and other interested subscribers.  
The newsletter is also an effective marketing tool for increasing readers’ knowledge and understanding of the various programs and opportunities offered by the BCMG program and Texas A&M AgrilLife Extension.

Sub Team – VMS Calendar Team

Co-Leads: Dave Adams & Sara Holland-Adams

[Description coming soon!]

Sub Team – Website Calendar Team

Lead: Ann Vargas

[Description coming soon!]

Sub Team – Website Content Team

Lead: Owen Keiser

[Description coming soon!]

Sub Team – Website Online Forms & WooCommerce Team

Lead: Lynn Cox

Online forms on the website are used to provide community members with the option to ask gardening questions, request a speaker, and apply for training. Other online forms are created as the need arises. WooCommerce is used to manage BCMG’s online sales. Team members enter product information and run reports as requested.

Children’s Vegetable Garden Teams

The Children’s Vegetable Garden (CVG) Program is a Bexar County AgriLife Extension Program which, through partnerships with community organizations, provides gardening opportunities for children.

The program offers two 16-seek sessions (spring and fall) for children to get hands-on gardening experience from Master Gardener mentors as they tend their plots and learn to plant, grow, and harvest vegetables.

Sub Team – Phil Harberger Park Team

Co-Leads: Kathy Breniman & Linda Cace

The Phil Hardberger Park Team works with the home school community on Tuesdays.

Sub Team – San Antonio Botanical Garden Team

Co-Leads: Mary Fernandez & John Mayer

The San Antonio Botanical Garden Team works with community children on Saturdays.

Culinary Garden Docent Team

Co-Leads: Nancy Mills & Judy Warren


Note: New Docents will be trained in 2023

Education Team

Co-Leads: Muriel Lanford & Bill Swantner

The primary purpose of the Education Team is to provide a variety of relevant education on various gardening topics of interest for BCMG monthly membership meetings, which can be used for continuing education. Depending on current resources, the Team may be asked to assist with other education-related events, such as Lunch & Learn, CULTIVATE!, or other educational events.

Gilded Gardeners Team

Co-Leads: Cindy Hernandez & Kandy Wittenberg

The primary purpose of the Gilded Gardeners Team is decorate at various events.

Heavy Lifters Team

Lead: Jorge Noverola

The primary purpose of the Heavy Lifters Team is help transport and set up heavy materials (canopies, tables, etc.) at various event.

Hotline Team

Lead: Art Vazquez

The primary purpose of the Hotline Team is to answer the publics gardening questions that come by phone or from our [email protected] email.

Lunch & Learn Team

Lead: Regina Maspero

[Description is coming soon!]

Poinsettia Sale Committee

Lead: Kimberly Casillas

The Poinsettia Sale Committee coordinates all aspects of the sale leading up to the delivery day: coordinating the stock, arranging for online sales, coordinating dates for deliveries, drafting publicity messages, etc. Additional volunteers needed for the delivery day are solicited through the Leaflet and VMS Calendar at a time closer to the event. This supports the BCMG mission of improving horticultural knowledge and practices within Bexar County by providing funding for the educational events.

Rodeo Committee

Lead: Bill Swantner

Description coming soon.

Scholarship Committee

Lead: Angie Kirby

The goal of the Scholarship Committee is to provide a $2,000.00 scholarship to a deserving College/University student majoring in horticulture or related agricultural area.  The mission of the committee is to provide information about the BCMG Scholarship and the application process and deadline to Texas Colleges and Universities with Horticultural Departments, to market the Scholarship opportunity within Bexar County, to collect and score the applications based on a predetermined rubric, and to identify the most deserving student to receive the scholarship award.  This supports the BCMG mission of improving horticultural knowledge and practices within Bexar County.

Speakers Bureau Team

Co-Leads: Anna Vogler & Pat Simpson
Presentation Lead: Nancy Mills
Coordinator: Josie Seeligson

The mission of the Speakers Bureau Team is to provide educational presentations on a wide range of gardening topics to the public. Speakers present at BCMG education events such as CULTIVATE!, Lunch & Learn, Second Wednesdays at the SABOT, as well as to groups/organizations who request a speaker. Team members can choose the topic(s) they are comfortable giving. Approved presentations are housed in the Speakers Bureau Library for speakers to use. Other team members research and develop new presentation for the Speakers Bureau Library. Team members can choose to be speakers, developers, or both.

Spring Bloom Committee

Lead: Brigid Oman

The primary purpose of this event is to provide the public with MGs and Interns that can answer their gardening questions. A BCMG plant sale is also included at this event.

Top Tomato Committee

Co-Leads: Desiree Linson & Darcy Mix

The Top Tomato Contest is a fun event hosted at Fanick’s Nursery. Community gardeners bring their best tomatoes in a variety of categories to be judged by civic and industry leaders. The Top Tomato Team coordinates the event in conjunction with the Horticulture Agent, Fanick Nursery, and the Ask a MG Team. Any additional volunteers needed for the day of the event are solicited through the Leaflet and VMS Calendar.

Youth Garden Buddies Team

Lead: Andres Villagran, AgriLife Extension Youth Garden Coordinator

Youth Garden Buddies Team (YGBT) focuses on educating and mentoring the next generation through gardening. Our mission is to mentor the next generation in the field of gardening. Much of our work specializes in direct interaction with the youth through school gardens, children’s vegetable gardening, local events/festivals, and preparation for such. This team offers a focus on youth components of BCMG, supporting the mission and purpose of the organization.