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Hotline Team Training

Due to the restrictions in place for COVID-19, Hotline Team training is being modified to allow for online instruction while preserving the mentorship that produces Master Gardeners equipped to answer the variety of gardening questions from Bexar County gardeners.

Master Gardeners interested in joining the Hotline Team must be willing to:

  • Complete Hotline training.
  • Research questions from Bexar County gardeners so as to provide unbiased, researched-based information according to AgriLife Extension publications and the AgriLife Extension Horticulture Agent in Bexar County.


Part 1: PowerPoint training presentation via Zoom which will be conducted by Jim Strong, Hotline Team Coordinator. This is a live presentation where questions can be asked and answered.

Part 2: Mentored work on answering gardening questions that come from BCMG’s online hotline option.  New Hotline team members will:

  •       Have selected emails forwarded to them to research and formulate answers.
  •       Email the response to Jim for review and discussion.
  •       Contact the gardener that asked the question to share the confirmed answer.

Part 3: Successful completion of the mentorship, as verified by Jim Strong, opens the opportunity to take an open phone shift.


If you are interested in beginning Hotline training, or have questions, please email:

Jim Strong, Hotline Team Coordinator
found on the VMS/General Information/Member Roster
(lower left column of the VMS webpage)