Children’s Vegetable Garden at Phil Hardberger Park

Runners, walkers, and cyclists often begin their exercise workouts at the Voelcker Trailhead near the Phil Hardberger Park. Yet, many are unaware that there is a special section called the Children’s Vegetable Garden adjacent to the old white house near the trailhead. The high fence and raised beds are visible from the trailhead, but many of us don’t know exactly why it exists. The history behind the garden is intricately connected to the Voelcker Ranch and dairy farm.

Why Gardening With Children Matters! 

This article will examine past research on the effects of school gardens on children related to health, social behavior including environmental stewardship and on academic learning.  Specifically, my recent research will be shared in detail. Proven strategies to engage children in early gardening experiences can be valuable for families, communities and our country.