What to Grow in the Shade

BCMG General Meeting and Presentation

The BCMG meeting begins with a social time at 6pm followed by the special presentation at 6:30pm. MGs earn 1.5 CEUs; another opportunity for BCMGs to meet new CEU requirement! Meeting and presentation open to the public; no fee. For more information, email the BCMG President or call 210-699-0663.

March Mtg Flyer

In addition, BCMGs will have a number of new plants for sale before this meeting and presentation.  All plants will be sold in 4 1/2 inch containers, except the new Texas A&M release, TAM Hot-Ty, which will be a 6-pack.  The plants will sell for $3.00 each (including the 6-pack TAM Hot-Ty), or Mix and Match any four for $10.00. 

The Whopper Begonia is a new Texas Superstar plant which is rose-flowered and with burgundy-colored leafs and does well in shade and can tolerate partial sunlight. This a a beautiful begonia and deserves a place in many landscapes.

Whopper Begonia

There will also be a variety of new and popular vegetable plants.

A tomato new to Bexar county is the TAM Hot-TY Tomato. The hot in the title means it will set fruit in the heat which everyone in South Texas can appreciate. It is resistant to tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) and Fusarium wilt races 1,2. This compact determinate plant has firm round thick fleshed fruit and has high lycopene values. It matures in 60 days from the time of transplant. Plant it in late March and harvest tomatoes in late May!  The plant was developed by Dr Kevin Crosby of Texas A&M.

A very attractive blooming vine, Ruby Moon Hyacinth bean, will also be available.

Another new plant to be introduced for sale is the Verde de Talio or Italian Chard. Developed as a warm weather tasty green, it can replace Swiss chard and spinach which struggle in our summer heat. this is an awesome summer-type spinach substitute that grows throughout the entire year. 

Two well-known plants that will also be available for sale are the Tycoon Tomato (a very popular tomato in this area) and the BHN 968 which was sold by BCMGs as the dwarf cherry surprise. This is a very tasty sweet cherry tomato. Children would love this tomato as it is small and sweet with little acidity.