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Master Gardener of the
Spring Quarter:
Maria Salvatierra

Maria Salvatierra

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Master Gardener Certification Stars
The following MGs have completed at least 6 hours of Continuing Education, attended at least 2 BCMG Monthly Meetings and have logged at least 30 Volunteer Hours to earn their 2024 certification:

2024 Service Award Pin

Benavides, Liana
Bills, Terri L
Black, Nancy L
Butterworth, Leslie K
Casillas, Kimberly S
Cennamo, Mary F
Conrad, Shirley N
Couch, James
El-Amin, Kathann
Emery, Grace E
Ferguson, Jerry V

Hernandez , Cindy
Hernandez , Kathy Christine
Hobbs, Michelle
Kadilis, Donna
Keiser, Owen
Kellogg, Lou
Knight, James R
Lanford, Muriel R
Lutz, Barbara B
Mills, Nancy A
Mims, LaVunn

Reporting Period:
12/01/2022 – 4/30/2023
Updated: 5/18/2023

Moss, Anne
Murphy , Debbie
Noverola, Jorge
Oman, Brigid E
Qualls, Peggy
Roach, Candy
Sierra, Jennifer
Sierra, Linda R
Swantner, William
Vasquez , Robert
Wood, Kimber

Bexar County Master Gardener of the Year for 2022

Read about Brigid and her BCMG work here.

Texas Master Gardener Association
2021 Search for Excellence Awards

Outstanding Educational Program
Second Place
2021 Fall Youth Garden Educator Training

Outstanding Project
First Place
Culinary Docent Program

Outstanding Written Education
Second Place
BCMG Facebook Page

Marva E. Beck JMG Leader of the Year
Sayako Seymour , CEP Ext Agent 4-H Youth Development

Outstanding Individual Master Gardener
First Place
Grace Emery

Outstanding Youth Program
First Place
Virtual Learn, Grow, Eat & Go

Outstanding Master Gardener Association
Second Place
Bexar County Master Gardeners

Outstanding Research
Third Place
2021 Bexar County Tomato Trials

2022 Master Gardener Service Awards

30 Years
Billy McKenzie
Ted Ritchie

25 Years
Dorothy Weide

20 Years
Edgar A. Bradley
Shirley Conrad
Agnes Palys-McLean
Pete Mendiola
Gregory Salyers

15 Years
Terri Bills
Leslie Butterworth
Mary Cennamo
Roger Christensen
Marin Rose Chu
Laura Kuivenhoven
Muriel Lanford
Ling Yin Liu
Rebecca Mendez
Anne Moss

10 Years
Nancy Alford
M. Rocio Bomberg
Dwight Dare
Joyce Dare
Judie Frisch
Marlene Hawkins
Martina Maudlin
Wendy Thornton

5 Years
Sarah Akeroyd
Kathy Breniman
Deva Brown
Jerry Ferguson
Jayla Fry
Michelle Hobbs
Rosalie Iltis
Monta Kennady
Megan Kromer
Marie LeBlanc
Catherine Milbourn
Ernesto Rubio
Laren Schoenbrun
Patricia Simpson
William Swantner
Lauren Willis
Vicki Wright