Scion – June 2023

Nancy Mills, Member at Large (Photo by Mike Mills)

Welcome to June!  My name is Nancy Mills and I serve as one of the Members At Large for the BCMG Board. I have been a Master Gardener since 2020 as well as a wife, mother of three grown kids, and grandmother of six growing grandkids.  My husband, Mike, and I celebrated our 50th anniversary in November and will continue the celebration with all our family together in Port Aransas. Something to look forward to in July.

In the meantime, my annuals, perennials, and vegetable gardens are all planted and thriving with the wonderful rain.  This time last year we were already in the high, hot, and dry temperatures.  So, what is next?

Maintenance, of course!   Appropriate maintenance practices include pruning, replenishing mulch, and eliminating weeds (“weeds are thieves”), as well as checking irrigation systems, mowing at the right height, using fertilizer and pesticides appropriately, and managing disease problems. 

“Oh my gosh!” you might say. “How can I keep up with everything?”

ROUTINE!  Develop a “Supreme Routine!”  That means that you want to work these tasks into your day. Doing these things will encourage healthy plants and large yields. 

  1. Watering – – This is the most important task to maintain.  Suggestion is to deeply water gardens once a week; water in the morning and “water roots, not leaves.”
  2. Weeding — Mulching soil helps to suppress weed growth. Take weeds out    when you see them.
  3. Fertilizing – Keep up with your fertilizing by using slow release every few months and liquid organic once a week, if needed.
  4. Thinning – It’s tedious but important to prevent overcrowding.
  5. Monitoring — Check for pest problems or diseases.

If the “Supreme Routine” seems monotonous, pop in your air pods and listen to your favorite book or music!

Most of all, enjoy all your hard work as your plants thrive and delight, and have a wonderful summer!

In the Garden…with Bexar County Master Gardeners

Marsha Krassner, Principal Editor “In the Garden”

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Question of the month: We purchased a great looking “Knock Out” Rose Bush. Due to soil condition and availability of sun light in our yard we would like to plant it in a whiskey barrel.  Is this okay? 


Answer:  It will be fine in the container.  Just remember that you can keep it trimmed if it gets too big for where you put it and it should be cut back to about 12 inches in the early spring each year to keep it full and somewhat compact.

Answer by Art Vazquez, BCMG

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