Summary by Sherri McShane, Bexar County Master Gardener

August 2023

Presenter William “Bill” Swantner
(Photo by Sherri McShane)

At July’s “Lunch and Learn” hosted by Bexar County Master Gardener William “Bill” Swantner, he covered a topic that is on many of our minds right now. He gave an informative and interesting talk about our water resources and what we as individuals can do to protect them.  Basic background information must include the fact that while 71% of the Earth is water, 97% of that figure is salt-water ocean.  After accounting for different types of undrinkable fresh water, our usable figure is about 1.2 % of the original 71% figure.  Bill told us that this water has always existed, and we are just recycling this prehistoric water repeatedly through the water cycle. 

To protect and preserve this precious natural resource, Bill explained that there were a number of things we as individuals can do.  Obviously, especially in our San Antonio area, we begin by being mindful of our personal water usage and following the restrictions placed upon this resource by SAWS.  In addition, Bill asked us to rethink water by: increasing our awareness, amending soil, selecting water efficient plants, collecting rainwater in barrels and rain gardens, incorporating a drip system for water efficiency, and being more aware of sprinkler watering.  Bill gave several resources for getting more information: Texas Superstars and ATM AgriLife Extension. Bill’s extensive knowledge of and passion for this topic are always an inspiration. 

Our next Lunch and Learn presentation, “Texas Superstar Vegetables” is on Friday, August 11th from 12-1pm by Nancy Mills, BCMG. The presentation is free to attend but advance registration is required. Learn more here!