Scion -June 2021

Volume 31, Issue #06 – June 2021

Lynn Cox,
BCMG President


As June begins, I see so many changes happening! Some of the changes are moving us back to the “old normal.” For example, our COVID infection rate is down in Bexar County and events like Fiesta, after having to be canceled last year and postponed this year, will be happening shortly!

Some of our changes reflect a “new normal.” Our Texas Master Gardener Conference, which was canceled last year, was held virtually this year for the first time, allowing people to attend from all over the state, many who may not have been able to attend due to travel costs. This was so successful that the conference committee is looking into the possibility of having more virtual conferences in coming years. This may become a new “normal.”

As I look at my garden, I also see changes there, both “back to normal” changes as well as “new normals.” After the freeze in February, all I saw was devastation. Now I see that most of my garden survived and is even thriving! It is “back to normal.” But it is also entering a “new normal.” I transplanted some Pride of Barbados volunteers to new locations. I have added some frogfruit that will spread and knit areas of my garden together while providing new sources of nectar for the butterflies. Other new additions have been purple coneflower, Texas Gold esperanza, and black foot daisy.

Gardening can help us remember that, while change can be hard both physically and mentally, changes can bring about new things, ideas, situations, and possibilities. Change can be good. Change is a “normal” part of life.  

Take time to enjoy the changes that are happening all around you!

Happy gardening!


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  • Raised Garden Beds, Location, Soil Mixtures and more!
  • Home Fruit Production – Tips for Success!
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