Policy Directory

Policies and Procedures of the Bexar County Master Gardeners (1/14/2021)

Board of Directors

B-1, Board of Directors Vacancy (7/8/2021)
B-2, Supervision of the Office Manager (7/8/2021)
B-3, Board of Directors Meetings (6/11/2020)
B-4, Duties of Confidentiality, Loyalty, and Care (7/18/2019)
B-5, BCMG Office Keys (3/19/2020)
B-6, Witnessing Rodeo Waivers (4/16/2020)
B-7, Rotation of Committee Chairs and Event Coordinators (05-13-2021)
B-8, Website Privacy Statement (11-11-2021)


F-1, Authority to Enter into Contractual Obligations (9/9/2021)
F-2, Payment Authorization (11/19/2020)
F-3, Purchase Authority (6/11/2020)
F-4, Use of BCMG Credit Cards (3/19/2020)
F-5, Reimbursement for Program Supplies (9/9/2021)
F-6, Travel Reimbursement (1/16/2020)
F-7, Document Destruction (6/11/2020)
F-8, Petty Cash (9/9/2021)
F-9, Advanced Funds (9/9/2021)
F-10, Use of BCMG Equipment (9/9/2021)
F-11, Financial Audits (7/9/2020)
F-12, Donation Acknowledgement (2/11/2021)
F-13 Operating Reserve (3/11/2021)
F-14 Monetary Assets and Investments (3/11/2021)
F-15 Speaker Compensation (9/9/2021)


M-1, BCMG Disciplinary Policy (8/12/2021)
M-2, BCMG Representation at Public Events (8/12/2021)
M-3, Membership Categories- Bexar County Master Gardeners (1/14/2021)
M-4, Use of Membership Roster (8/12/2021)
M-5, Reactivation and Transfer of Master Gardener Certification (10/14/2021)
M-6, Service Pins (10/14/2021)
M-7, Texas Master Gardener Association Representation (10/14/2021)
M-8, Master Gardener Recognition (Cancelled)
M-9, Membership Dues (1/14/2021)
M-10, Nomination Committee (3/11/2021)
M-11, Master Gardener of the Quarter and Year (10/14/2021)
M-12, Facebook Policy (7/7/2020)
M-13, Submission for New Volunteer Activity Approval (1/14/2021)
M-14 Bexar County Master Gardener Interns (3/8/2023)